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BSOA have been informed that the next World Schools Champs in Orienteering will take place in Belgrade, Serbia from 30 June to 6 July 2021. Accommodation will be at Belgrade University. Teams of 5 from both Schools & Select will take part. Those wishing to be considered will be required to compete in both BSOC and the selection race that will be held in March 2021. The younger girls & boys teams will be this years W & M 14's & the older teams will be this years W & M16's & first year 18's . Girls & boys compete in their own category. Three school teams may be able to compete in each category, but the second and third placed teams may only be offered a place if they are both within 10% of the first team and the Serbian organiser permits extra entries. Please email Mel 'bsoasecretary at gmail dot com ' with details of which teams you are considering entering by the beginning of October as the administration for School teams has changed. Further selection criteria will be published later in the year.
At present we are unsure whether or not BSSC & BSOC will go ahead. A decision will be taken at the end of August/beginning of September 2020. World Schools Championships in Orienteering 2021 The dates for this are 30/6/21 to 6/7/21. Given the competition is so late in the academic year we may hold a selection race in 2021 in place of the one that is usually held the day before BSOC. We are still not sure that Select teams will be permitted.
BSOA regret to announce that the International Schools Sports Federation has taken the decision to remove select teams from ISF World Schools Championships. Only school teams will be allowed to compete in the competition in future . All organisations involved have tried to overturn this decision so far without success . It has been suggested that select athletes may be included in the Summer Gymnasiade in future ,however this event is extremely unlikely to provide areas of a suitable technical difficulty. The selection race will continue take place on the Saturday before BSOC 2020 but it may just be for school teams. We do however remain hopeful that Serbia may be allowed to take entries from both Schools & Select teams in 2021 as there is no provision for any select orienteering teams in the ISF Summer Gymnasiade 2020
Gallery for BSOC 2019 can be .
Results for BSOC 2019 can be and details of how to reclaim your lost property.


Sat 10th Oct
British Schools Score Championships 2020. Shipley Country Park,Heanor,Derbyshire
Sat 17th Oct
BSOA Meeting 10.30am to 3.30pm, Sandyford Community Fire Station, Stoke -on-Trent, ST16 5ED
Sat 14th Nov
BSOC Training Event- Tolmers Scout Camp. PLEASE NOTE THE SELECTION RACE FOR WORLD SCHOOLS ENGLAND TEAM 2021 will take place in Spring 2021 (Date & location tbc). Anyone wishing to be considered for WSCO2021 MUST compete in both BSOC 2020 & the selection race.
Sun 15th Nov
British Schools Orienteering Championships 2020 on Wormley Woods near Paradise Wildlife Park,Enfield. Please note there will also be an event run nearby for those accompanying school teams on Broxbourne
Sat 16th Jan
BSOA Committee Meeting 10.30am to 3.30pm. Sandyford Community Fire Station,Stoke-on-Trent ST16 5ED
Sat 13th Mar
BSOA Committee meeting . 10.30am to 3.30pm . Sandyford Community Fire Station.Stoke-on-Trent ST16 5ED
Wed 30th Jun to Tue 6th Jul
World Schools Championships in Orienteering 2021 Belgrade,Serbia
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